Guiding Clients through the Breakdown of a Relationship

The end of a relationship is often a difficult emotional time for everyone involved. Susan’s goal in assisting clients to navigate that difficult time with integrity is to help the client to work through their options, understand their rights and responsibilities within the framework of family law and set and achieve reasonable goals within that framework. Susan’s approach is direct and resolution oriented and her hope is that all of her relationship breakdownclients will be able to resolve their situation without the expense of commencing litigation. Susan gives clients information about the various options available to them and helps them choose the best dispute resolution process for their circumstances.

Negotiation and Preparation of Separation Agreements

When couples are able to resolve the issues that result from their separation and divorce, one of the ways of finalizing that resolution is to enter into a Separation Agreement. Susan is experienced in negotiating, preparing and finalizing Separation Agreements.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation or Mediation combined with Arbitration is a voluntary process in family law where the parties can elect to try to resolve their differences with the help of a neutral third party. Susan is experienced in assisting clients who chose to try this process and has access to and information about a variety of mediators and arbitrators to assist in this process if the parties decide that they wish to try to mediate or mediate/arbitrate their matter.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law is a process for resolving family law issues that does not involve going to court. The parties, when they opt into this process, contract with their respective counsel out of the court process and agree to engage in a series of four-way meetings to try to negotiate a resolution to all their differences fairly and in good faith.


In some cases, litigation is the most appropriate course of action or is unavoidable. If your matter is one that calls for litigation Susan’s skills and training make her well suited to engage in that process. Susan has appeared at Ontario Provincial Court, Superior Court and Divisional Court as well as having worked on matters argued in the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Negotiation and Preparation of Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” A variety of circumstances can result in a couple wishing to enter into a Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement. Susan listens to her clients’ circumstances and helps them to determine whether their situation is one that may benefit from a Domestic Contract.